WiggyWear™ history

Our Founder & CEO

Michael Carpenter of WiggyWear™, saw a problem rising in the retail business model. When you go into a target or a sears you can't find what you want, but when you do... It's almost nothing like what you thought it would be. That sucks! So your either forced to run around town to find the right product or you have settle at there lower price. See all these some would call them Clothing "brands" like to lower there price, because they can't even come close to actually testing and researching there product. But WiggyWear™ can, and has. Which why, we put the right product in front of the right customer. We've tested it, we've worn it, we've found it. Now it's your turn.


When was WiggyWear™ Started?

WiggyWear™ was officially started Dec. 29th of 2017 at about 10 o'clock at night, when Michael decided to take back what was his. After a failed business, he had nowhere to go, but everything to gain. So he took a business he had started a few months prior called "The Michael Carpenter Clothing Company" that was the company to make all his shirts for a free course we was working on. And about 2 weeks before, his Chemistry teacher Rachel Meilak came up with the word Wiggy™ and Michael quickly put it into action. Pushing the boundaries, of the fashion/clothing world. 


Who is Michael Carpenter?

Michael Carpenter is the Founder & CEO of WiggyWear™. He is also known from his failed Marketing Firm called Michael Carpenter Marketing or MCM. He started WiggyWear™ when he was only 17 years old.


When is Annual Wiggy™ Day?

Our Annual Wiggy™ Day is every October 31st! Every year WiggyWear™ has tons of awesome giveaways to take part in! So why not get your hands on some WiggyWear™ this coming Wiggy™ Day?

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