Q3 2020 Investors And Partners Earnings Report

Dear Investors, 



This quarter I am excited to announce that we have finally started generating some revenue in the range that may actually be seen as a potentially exciting future. A Wiggy brand, Lifeprovement was founded in July 2020, the ultimate goal is to generate more consistent revenue with this company going into Q4 2020. Lifeprovement launched it's first product this quarter generating $186.66 in July. The product was soon discontinued due to non profits, the product ran a course of 3 days before being ended. Due to low cash flow we weren't able to test another product for a short while before testing OutletBuddy which would be a success without the long term part... We do look forward to more successes like this one with Lifeprovement. In August of 2020 we did $2,002.04, that being the biggest monthly revenue for the company so far this year. We quickly followed that with September's revenue ending at $214.11. After launching 3 products we quickly came to $2,403.03 in the 3rd quarter of 2020.

Dear Partners, 

A thank you to our Chinese suppliers for a quick and affordable option to allowing us to take our business into it's first semi high revenue for the year. We couldn't be more excited for the future of our relationships. Thank you for your help and this is only the start to something truly amazing. 

Earnings: No, we weren't profitable but this is the first quarter that we were able to generate a consistent stream of revenue. Ending the quarter at $2,403.03.

Threats: We continue to face issues daily, one of which being Amazon. We truly believe that as shipping times from China continue to increase in times and customers increasing want their products faster we have seen a good chunk of customers reach out to customer support wondering where their product is. That's going to be a tough place for us to grow though we are working with our supplier everyday to ensure the orders are being fulfilled within 3 days of the order being placed. 

Next-Quarter Goals: Simply we want to reach profitability before Q1 of 2021. The steps to get there are to start testing more products with our brands Lifeprovement & BLARE™. 

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