Q4 2020 Investors And Partners Earnings Report

Dear Investors, 

A change in the company has happen, new leadership, new systems, new branding, and new approaches. I have began to invest more money in the company this month which should help it grow a lot faster. Lifeprovement unfortunately was not our main focus this quarter and due to that we weren't able to generate any additional revenue for the company. This quarter total we ended at -$33.90. That was a rough quarter when it was lined up to be our best quarter. Though we look forward to the changes that we have implemented into the company, this next quarter should prove to be a lot more profitable. 

Wiggy Logistics - 

Wiggy Logistics is the future of generating some additional income for the company using other companies like Instacart, DoorDash, GrubHub, and many other services. We hope to begin generating some additional income using this business model.

The Hemp Center -

The Hemp Center is soon to be our 2nd most focused on brand in 2021. That being said we have only just began working on getting this company started. Our supplier is going to be moving to Omaha in January 2021. 

Dear Partners, 

We look forward with working with you all much more long term, welcoming Frank into our partner programs. 

Earnings: We weren't able to generate enough revenue to actually turn a profit unfortunately. Though we look forward to continuing into 2021 and soon turning a profit.

Threats: With the grim reaper knocking on the back door of Wiggy we need to soon being generating some kind of a revenue or we are going to have a ton of issues this next year. 

Next-Quarter Goals: We hope to focus more on these new projects as the quarter progresses. We would like to generate $6,000 with this next quarter and hopefully this will result in profits for the company. This next quarter we will start laying out more information week by week of revenue and the expenses that go into it. 


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