Q3 2018 Earnings Report

Q3 2018 Investors And Partners Earnings Report

Dear Investors, 

We have been hard at work this quarter connecting with more brands, building and launching a new brand (our 2nd brand), we can't wait to share all the amazing things with you and the other investors this quarter. Though we do want to cut straight to the point for those who have come here to see if we have turned a profit yet, we are sad to announce that no we have not turned a profit yet and we are still aiming our targets to 2020 to turn a profit. We appreciate all of you and know these times can be uncertain though we can't guarantee anything, it's in your better interest to continue to believe in the dream that we have created here. WiggyWear™ is the future and we hope that all of our can see that.

Dear Partners, 

We are in good standing with all of you, in fact such good standing that we actually started ordering new samples of the products just to see what our customers might be getting in the mail soon! We are in love with a lot of Printify's products and Printiful's products, we can't wait to see what Q4 looks for all of us. Stay Wiggy partners!