Q4 2018 Earnings Report

Q4 2018 Investors And Partners Earnings Report

Dear Investors, 

Wow was that a quarter! Lots of energy, ups and downs, and we are proud to announce a very tiny profit. WiggyWear™ turns it first profit of $342, which we couldn't be more proud of, though it's not a ton and we have already decided to reinvest it into the company we are so excited to continue this journey into this next year. We are going to continue to report unprofitable quarters due to not yet finding our best niche but we do look forward to finding it and can't wait to bring you along the journey. WiggyWear™ is the future and we thank you for being a part of it.

Dear Partners, 

Good quarter am I right? Lots of good days, we are in good standing with all of you and we appload you on your ability to get all of our orders out on time, and we give you made props for the best customer service out there. Printful really gets our attention with that being able to send one of our orders out within just 6 days of Christmas and it made it! We should also shine some light on USPS and FedEX who made these orders possible. We also want to thank all the hard working staff of our partners that made it possible as well, so thank you all for being apart of this journey and can't wait to work with you more into 2019.

Earnings: Though we weren't extremely profitable, we made a profit of $342 before reinvesting that back into the business, we are very thankful for all of the hard working staff and partners who made this possible, Stay Wiggy Partners!