Q4 2019 Earnings Report

Q4 2019 Investors And Partners Earnings Report

Dear Investors, 

We fell short, but that's not the end of the road for us. We weren't able to make a profit this quarter, though our revenue was through the roof great! We had issues running traffic on Black Friday and Cyber Monday which were going to be the two largest days of the year. We had our first issue when our ads weren't accepted for having too many words in them, I know it's kinda a slap in the face, then on Cyber Monday we found that running traffic to our products was okay but not great, we had a few conversions but nothing that was profitable because of the huge price of the facebook ads. We will get them next year though.

We did want to talk about the Facebook ads, we believe they are on their way up into 2020, and they don't have much room to fall back down. We know we will reach a good amount of people into the new year, we will get conversions, and we will come scary close to profitability but much like this quarter, I believe we will fall short. Nothing that we can do except for be excited for 2020. 

2020, should be a great year for the business, we have some really big things planned for January and February of 2020. January is going to be all about selling our jewelry all the way. We really want to push the whole Astrology idea into play with the birthstone necklace that we believe will sell really well January. Then we want to launch a few new products into February that will resemble more of what love birds may buy each other. Couldn't be more excited to test it out. 

Dear Partners, 

Production partners, good standing, we plan to have a great year with you all. That being said we want to thank you all for a great 2019, and an even better Q4. You were able to get orders out on time and the exact way they should be. For that I really appreciate all the hard work you all put into the business. 

Earnings: We weren't profitable this quarter, but 2020 was our goal. Q1 will not be profitable but we should see a big more revenue into the new year.